Cat update

I just wanted to share how the cats were doing.

We have had the 4 together for nearly a year now.  We are lucky that they all get on and there are times when they gang up on us.

They are spoilt, they can be lazy but we adore them.

Phoebe and Thor were recused by the RSPCA and we adopted them in August.  They have become cats since my last posting, their first birthday was in May. Apollo and Luna were recused by Pussy Cat lodge in 2013 and turned four in May.

Although they don’t like the heat they do enjoy a snuggle.

We are one huge happy family.


If you feel that you are in a position to have a pet please adopt don’t buy.  There are many animals out there in need of a good home.  The RSPCA local Facebook pages can direct you to the best place to adopt. Details below:



New friends

Those who know me know I am an animal lover. I adore my cats and cannot stand hearing about neglected animals or those at risk.

I was on the rspca Facebook page recently and saw that 2 ginger kittens had been taken in after an inspection. Brother and sister just like Apollo and Luna.

I spoke with hubby and he agreed we could apply for them.  After a home visit we were given the go ahead to have them.

So now I am a proud mum to four beautiful cats.  Apollo and Luna are tabby brother and sister, rescued 2 years ago and now we also have Phoebe and Thor ginger and white brother and sister.

At the moment we are going easy on the introductions in the house, Apollo and Luna obviously felt their nose was put out of joint but with lots of cuddles and reassurance I know we will get there. Phoebe and Thor are a delight and very loving and will love their brother and sister.

Rescue animals are the best, they have a lot of love to give.

Phoebe and Thor
All my lovelies
Apollo and Luna