Make-up Revolution I ♡ Makeup

Make-up Revolution has been around for a year now, I purchased a few things just after their launch last year and I have been very happy with those products.  I thought it about time to check out a few more items and not feel the guilt as I may have done with the more expensive products.

Today I want to talk about the baked items I purchased from the I ♡ Makeup range.

Unhappy bronzer

I purchased the highlighter, blush and bronzer, two out of the three arrived intact, alas the bronzer did not.  Not only looking very unhappy when I opened it but it made a complete mess on the table, bronze powder had gone everywhere.  Such a shame as the colour looked lovely.

I would say that customer service was great, after sending a picture of the broken item they agreed to send a new bronzer, I look forward to getting in soon.

The I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts-Bursting with love is a beautifully packaged blush with 3 shades of gently shimmering pink, baby pink at the light end dusky pink in the middle and a fuchsia shade at the darker end.  These shades complement each other and really do blend well together, you can really build up the colour or give your cheeks a wash.  Not too sparkly but a shimmer as the light catches.  It gave me a healthy look.

The highlighter is the I ♡ Makeup Blushing Hearts-Goddess of Love Highlighter, a lovely soft golden tone that looked so lovely on I got comments all day.  It gave my cheekbones and temples a gentle sheen that did not make me look sweaty or like a fairy.

Both products are 10g and are £4.99 each, a bargain.  When I placed my order I also received a bank holiday special, free gift that included pallets and lipsticks, I was impressed.

Make-up Revolution can be found here.


Cup of Tea?

I love my coffee but I also love a cup of tea, in fact when under pressure a nice cup of tea is what it takes to keep me on the right track.

I am a huge fan of tea pigs tea, their loose leaf and bags are excellent, flavoursome and they guarantee a great cuppa.

I wanted to talk about four of my most loved, although Tea Pigs have a massive range and I have tried most, these are the four I come back to time and time again.

I do think having t he right kettle for tea making makes all the difference as some teas do not need boiling water but at 80c to save burning the leaves, I use a Sage Tea Maker but there are many kettles out there that can have the boiling temperature adjusted to suit the type of tea.

Mao Feng Green Tea

This is a refreshing tea, light and refreshing.  Great for a mid afternoon pick me up or before going to the gym.  I put some into a flask to drink after a work out.  Smells like summer and does not have the sharp taste that other green teas have.  Green teas have lots of health benefits, I cannot dispute them I feel great when I have a green tea to drink and I do feel energised after.

Super Fruit

Oh my, I hated fruit teas until I tried this.  This tea turned my world upside down.  So fruity, its like having a berries burst in my mouth.  Sweet enough not to need sugar but not too sweet where you feel sick after drinking it.  An excellent pick me up.  This tea can be taken hot or cold so a good drink to have all year round.

Everyday Brew

This or the next tea I will be talking about are the go to teas in the morning.  This is a builders brew tea, great strong flavour without it punching you in the mouth with a horrible aftertaste.  This is a tea that can see you through a very busy morning and then some.

Earl Grey Strong

Like the Everyday Brew this is a favourite for mornings.  I love the smell of this tea as it is brewing, although I also know the smell is what puts people off.  Nice and strong and the flavour is amazing.  A drop of milk makes this the best way to start the day.

Tea Pigs have a really good range and if you are like me and like your tea then there will be something there for you.

Tea Pigs can be found here.

My sage tea maker can be found here.   There are other variable temperature kettles available but the tea maker is great with loose leaf tea.

Lush massage bars

I have a fondness for Lush massage bars, easy to use, great to use after a shower, softening and moisturising.  If you buy a tin they are very portable  too.  These bars melt on body temperature, can be thick and nourishing.  Storage is normally very easy but I did make the mistake of leaving one near a radiator, my dressing table smelt so great, the mess not so great!

I own few massage bars, all have their different uses and smells and I tend to use them on a rotation depending on need, mood and the scent I like that day.

I popped into Lush to have a look about, hopefully you would have seen my review on the Lemony Flutter and Ultrabalm.  For a recap please click here.  During that visit I looked at the massage bars, I went away and shortly after went back to purchase two new (new to me) bars.

The first bar purchased was Hottie.  I kept looking at this on previous visits but never purchased.  I changed my mind on this visit as I liked the ingredients and thought they would help after a gym session to sooth sore muscles. I like the knobbly top and this can be worked into the backs of my legs after a run.  Lots of oils in this bar means it glides on smooth and warms up well.  It contains ginger and black pepper oils to stimulate the circulation and warm any tense, knotted areas perfect when feeling like you have run a marathon (I should be so lucky).

The next bar purchased again has been around for a while and again I have picked it up sniffed it, liked it but never purchased it. From Dusk Til Dawn is an odd shaped bar, I was told in the store it was inspired by Madonna and I can well believe it.  This bar smells so summery, citrus and zingy.  The sun was out and as I sniffed it I thought that it was the right time to buy, it reminded me of holidays by the Mediterranean.  The strange shape aside it is really easy to use, melts nicely with body heat and the scent lasts for ages.  It is just a shame it does not fit into a tin for transporting

Roller Lash – my thoughts

There was a lot of hype earlier this year over Benefits new mascara – Roller Lash. I am a huge fan of Benefit mascaras one of my favourites is their They’re Real, I love the formula and brush and how it looks on my lashes.

The mascara was not out until March but was a gift with ELLE magazine.  I normally purchase my magazines on line but this time I went out to buy the hard copy just for the gift.

I didn’t want to believe the hype, I have been caught out before buying a mascara because of the PR hype only to be left with something that does not suit me, or rubbish in formula/brush/coverage/colour/finish.

What I like about it:

  • The brush is curved, making it really easy to capture all the lashes, even the tiny ones.
  • The brush is plastic, with decent sized bristles, not too long so you poke your eye out as you apply and not too short that you have to go over and over your lashes.
  • Doesn’t clump.
  • Easy to remove without scrubbing away at your eyes.

What I didn’t like about it:

  • The formula isn’t as glossy and black as I would like.
  • It can creep and smudge when in hot situations.
  • Not long lasting, the curl dropped after a few hours.
The packaging on the full size is cute, right?








After using the sample for a good 6 weeks I was fairly impressed, I went out and got the full size.  I use this for work and times when I don’t want full on lashes and I revert to They’re Real or my MAC mascara for going out.

I guess the quest for the perfect mascara continues.


Recent Lush purchases

I popped into Lush recently as I wanted to see what they had new out.  I love Lush (hubby doesn’t, he hates the smell of the store), I like the fact the products are cruelty free, smell great and in some cases innovative but easy to use.

I am already a fan of their massage bars and their face masks, I have enough to keep me going for a while longer so I looked around the store.

Now the items I picked up may not be brand new to everyone but they are new to me and I wanted to share in case they were new to you too.



First up is Lemony Flutter – a cuticle butter that smells so great I want to eat it!  Although it is called cuticle butter it can also be used for other dry patches such as elbows or knees and this stuff really sinks in fast leaving behind smooth soft skin.  Lots of oils and butters in this little 50g pot.  Ingredients include:
Fresh Organic Lemon Infusion
Shea Butter
Soya Oil
Organic Avocado Oil
Organic Linseed Oil
Mango Butter
Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

This is probably the best £6.75 I have spent in Lush.  Does the job, smells great, a little goes a long way, this is a faultless product and one I will purchase again.

My second item is Ultrabalm.  This is an all purpose balm that can be used anywhere, it reminds me a bit of Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream but without the smell or the total gloop.  I wanted something that I could drop into my gym bag to use before and after my training sessions on lips but anywhere that needed a bit of TLC after a vigorous session.  I also thought this could be useful for hubby as it has no scent and the tin does not look too girlie. There are only three ingredients in this:
Organic Jojoba Oil
Candelilla Wax
Rose Wax

What I like is that I can use it as a barrier when colouring my hair or lashes, no scent and has really sorted my very dry hands out (hand sanitiser is so drying) I put it on before sleeping and my hands were super soft in the morning, teamed with my Lemony Flutter I have hands I can be proud of once again!  Again this is a winning product for me and one I will repurchase.  The tin of 45g costs £8.95

I’m pleased with these two purchases and I would recommend them.

Birthdays and beauty

I celebrated my birthday recently.  A lot has happened in the past year, I am getting stronger, fitter and I am in a great place mentally.  I am still not sure what I am looking for work wise but I also know I like what I am doing and as a result I am not looking to rush a change, what will be will be.  As long as I try and keep that work life balance that has eluded me for a while

April is a busy time for celebrations, it is the focal month for a lot of the family and friends with many birthdays and anniversaries within the month.  I love this time of year.

I was in need of a new hairdryer, but unfortunately my dryer had packed up a few weeks before and I had purchased a hot air dryer from Tesco and I was quite happy with it and did not find the need for another dryer at this time.

I would like to talk about this dryer as I am really impressed with it.  I had popped into Tesco with hubby for the normal food shop, I wandered past the beauty shelves (as you do) and spotted the range THX.  Interesting I thought, not seen these before.  I walked over and took a closer look.  I could see that there were a variety of electrical products the one that caught my eye was THX Total Hair Experts Multi-tude Creative Styling.  The price was good at £20 and I thought well what the heck lets give it a go, drying and styling in one go can’t be bad.

I liked that it had different attachments depending on what you were looking for, my favourite attachment is the vent brush attachment, this smooths and drys my hair super fast.  I then change to the bristle brush attachment to shape the ends.  The finger attachment is also quite good but I have only used it twice, it is designed to create volume at the roots.

The cord is very long but the unit is light to use, meaning you don’t get arm ache after 5 minutes and the cord means you have the space to move it around and not have to move too far away from the mirror.










All in all I am very impressed with this and I am really impressed that Tesco now make these products.  For more information click here.

March Loves

Another month almost ticked off the calendar and we are fast approaching my most favourite month of the year.

I love April for many reasons, its my birthday month, hubby’s birthday month, the nights get lighter and the days warmer.  The Easter break is fast approaching and this time of year reminds me that new life is born, fresh starts and new beginnings.

Before we hit April I want to talk about what I have enjoyed in March.

On the fitness front I have really enjoyed running, I hope you have read my post about running.  Even now I truly didn’t think I would be keeping this up or enjoy it but I am.  I belong to a club and I hope to write about this journey further on down the line.

Staying with the fitness theme I was given a Garmin Fenix 3 for valentines day (thank you hubby).  This is one of the best bits of kit I have ever used for tracking my fitness, I wear it for running and hiking across the park when marshalling the park run races but it can be worn for so many different spots including skiing,  swimming and cycling.

With all this fitness I have not had the chance to wear lots of make up.  When I have I have enjoyed using some products from Make Up Revolution along with my high end products.  Make Up Revolution may be a drug store brand but their products are very well thought through and they actually do a great job.  I have been using their bronzer and highlighter this month.  The bronzer as it is not too dark but gives a glow but is also used to contour as it isn’t too glittery.  The highlighter gives a subtle sheen.

Mascara of the month goes to Benefit Roller Lash, I received a sample with one of my magazines and I was blown away from the get go.  This is now my top mascara, the colour is great the formula is brilliant and it makes my lashes look long and holds the curl.  I have a love hate relationship with Benefit, there are many products that I would like to love as they have excellent packaging but a few of their products do let me down.  Their mascaras don’t let me down, I am a huge fan and this will be my go to mascara.

For my hair I have been using the Lee Stafford ‘My Big Fat Bouncy Bouncy Blow Out Brush’ this gives me excellent volume due to its unusual brush.  Hair looks like it has been professionally blow dried and depending on the products used can last for days. Brush can be found here.

I hope you have enjoyed March and looking forward to the next month.  What have you enjoyed?