Jersey Shore

It was decided a while ago that this parkrun tourism business was a good lark and we started to look at other parkrun events we could get to easily when in full time work.

Jersey came up, flights were cheap, near to airport and could be done in a day.

An early alarm call found us making our way to Southend airport and meeting with the rest of the gang.

The quickest (and cheapest) flight ever got us to Jersey with at least 45 minutes to make our way to the park.

Finding the start was easy, saying hello to the volunteer team easy, listening to the briefings easy but, for me, the 5k today was hard.

The route was lovely, a loop and half on tarmac then off a disused and filled in railway line, so trails mainly. The marshals were fab and welcoming.

After the run we made our way to a beach and spent the day there, brunching, and enjoying the rather warm September sunshine, listening to the waves and having great chats.

It was all rather blissful and for me it was just so wonderful being by the sea, with the sun on my face having just completed a 5k and chilling with no TV, no crowds, no paperwork with good friends.

I would totally recommend Jersey, the parkrun is great but it is a lovely island (banking has changed it somewhat from my childhood) with many castles, beaches and a nice chilled laid back vibe.


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