Autumn challenge

It was time for a return visit to Ranscombe for the Autumn challenge. Boy oh boy these seasons pass very quickly and I could not believe that after this event there was one more and that was it!

The weather matched the season with a damp misty start, the heat felt at the last Ranscombe event long gone.

Although the mist cleared quickly it took a while longer for the sun to heat the air.

I had decided through lack of training, an illness in the week and direction that I was not going to push my luck, I would be happy in just completing one lap of 3.75 miles this time.

As I set off my legs felt heavy and my left knee was really uncomfortable. The hills made my legs work all the move and my knee was proving to be the difficult child in this relationship today. Some great company on this lap made things bearable but I had resigned myself to the fact it was not going to be a big day for me.

As I came into the end of the loop and the aid station I took a break. Deciding to go out for a second lap I set off and almost regretted it but I pressed on.

The hills forced me to a snails pace and I knew as I finished the big hill that I would not be seeing it again for a few months.

I ended my second lap and ran the bell, slightly disheartening but I managed something.

The bling and my outfit made me feel better, thanks to Liz for my Arsenal inspired running dress.


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