Essex Girl at the Essex Way Relay

On Sunday 3 September 70 teams took part in the Essex Way Relay. This race covers the 82 miles of the Essex way from Epping Station to Harwich Old Lighthouse in 10 stages. The route is mostly cross country and can be difficult through crops and across ploughed fields.Although I had been going to the gym a lot more over the summer break, my running schedule had not really been followed. Although I had out my name down to run leg two with a running buddy I wanted to bail. I was convinced not to bail and to just get on with it.

So early Sunday morning my running buddy and I stood in an Ongar road ready for the off. The atmosphere was buzzing and we checked in along with everyone else.

Very quickly we were off, all we had was a set of navigational instructions and a map. As a result we legged it up the road along with al the others in fear of getting lost. Glad that we did as a sharp turn off the high street and into a church yard and then into a field threw us.

Keeping the back running in view we made our way over ploughed fields and green footpaths. Sometimes the paths were so overgrown there was no choice but to slow to a walk avoiding nettles and brambles.

This event was well marshalled and everyone incredibly friendly, the instructions were excellent and as a result we did not get lost unlike others. I was not the fastest and I was ashamed to hold my running buddy back but he was not fussed really and we used the 9 ½ miles to catch up and put the world to rights.

Really enjoyed this event and glad I did not bail.

Essex Way

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