Did Someone Say Cake?

We were back at Ranscombe for another SVN event – this time the Summer Bank Holiday Cakeathon.

This event encourages those to bake and bring cakes for some extra prizes, whilst encouraging the runners to have a slice or two of cake between laps.

Bank Holidays in the UK are traditionally damp, cold and raining, not this one.  Although the morning started off misty once the mist cleared 29 degree hit the local area and boy was it felt.

Sun beginning to show
Misty morning

I wanted to do my usual between 1 and 3 laps I didn’t have any other plans in mind, the weather told me to play it cautious.

Ready to go

The start was different to the spring and summer challenges, going across a field that had recently been cut down.  A challenging start but one I actually welcomed as it meant I had to go off slowly.  The field was slippery with the squashed remains of whatever had been growing there.

I trod carefully over the rough uneven ground until I got to a path, an uphill climb and then a beautiful downhill where I could let my legs just go.

I have described Ranscombe before so I won’t go into too much detail here about the route but suffice to say the heat and hills were as testing as ever but the feeling of accomplishment was amazing.

The theme for the run was pink in honour of one of the long standing members of SVN running her 100th marathon.  I decided on a pink tartan skirt made by running afrock which made my running shorts more feminine, a pink vest top and pink cap.  I loved this outfit and it fitted my attitude to this event well, fun and relaxed.

Last lap made me very happy
My pink get up.


The men in the group were able to wear their new mega marathons tops, a new scheme by SVN, they wore them with pride don’t you think?

I was also now able to earn and now wear my 100 mile shirt, something i had aspired to since the very first SVN.  Putting it on I felt proud of my achievements and this is largely down to my support crew for always being there and to those who look after us as SVN.

25 marathons
My coveted 100 mile shirt.

Lastly I could not write about an SVN event without mentioning and showing off the bling.  As always these are very well thought through and and the bling nice and heavy.

The cakes at this event were amazing, different types of cakes and I wish I took pictures of the great masterpieces people had contributed to the cakeathon but I can say the ones I tried were fabulous.

The bling
Goody bag items

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