Schools out 2017

School is now out for the summer, at my place we break a week later than everyone else as we have 2 weeks at the October half term but it has been a huge slog to get here.  I love my job, there are days when it is mentally tough but I am there for the students and will continue to help students for as long as I have energy to do so.

I work in a strange place, we are focussed on progress and ensuring we are giving the students the best start in life but we have massive fun in doing so.  Our celebration assemblies are huge, we dress up, we make noise we celebrate and give away prizes that include playstations and TVs.  But, the school is in an area that has great deprivation that is mirrored in many places across the country.  We try to address the balance and show that even in that area each and every person has a choice on their future and we guide and show that there is ways out of their situation if they wish it.  I try to use my This Girl Can role to show my female students that they can do whatever they put their mind to not only in sport but in every aspect of their life, all too much young females in areas like where I work don’t often get the message that they have choices, that they can go to university, they can have a great well paid job that they are worthy of having the life they want.

The prom was exciting and was my first prom attendance and all the students looked amazing and the year 6 transition worked really well for the final 2 weeks of the term. September is still a way off but I will look forward to returning and taking on the next chapter.

Working in a school is challenging, tiring but so so rewarding and I am proud to be part of what we are all trying to do there.

So now the school break is here what are my plans?  Plenty of swimming, cycling, running and gym work if I can.  Spending time with friends if I can and recovering from this very long term.


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