A RAT runner

After hearing a not so nice comment one night at club that left me feeling quite negative I decided I needed to do some of my training either on my own or with people I could count on with similar goals to myself.

This has resulting in me becoming a little bit of a RAT runner (road and trail) as I discover little routes and trails near home or work.

I am really beginning to love trails especially when it is a warm day.  The trees and coolness of the ground can help keep focus which in turn takes your mind off anything else.  I am incredibly lucky living where I am with lots of green spaces nearby to use as part of my training.  The air may not be pollution free but it is cleaner than running by a main road.

As a result of mixing things up a bit I have felt stronger in myself mentally and physically and I have realised that as much as it is fun to run with others it is also quite a relief to have my own company and mash through what I need to do whilst reflecting on work and all the other things that get queued up in my head.

I will go back to club at one point but I need to steer clear of negativity and to be really honest the club have nearly 200 members and not all 200 turn up to club nights, at most 60 people so I am not alone in not always needing the club to run.  Being part of a club does benefit people but clubs also need to evolve and nurture the current members whilst still looking to increase numbers.  If they don’t numbers will decrease and there are many ways of joining EA without having to physically attend a club night.

Being a RAT runner has meant that I have revisited Hockley Woods parkrun recently and gained a PB on my more recent outing there. It is so pretty there it is always a joy to run around there.

If you have always been a road runner why not mix it up and look to run on trails especially whilst the evenings are still light.


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