Running clothes

As my running has evolved I have found what I wear and want to wear has also changed.

When I first started learn to run, a big baggy tracksuit was the go to, it covered me up kept me warm (as it was January) and it allowed me to blend into the background (something I still need to do).

I am very picky when it comes to what to wear when exercising, this will never change.  If I don’t like a brand, if it does not make me feel good I will not wear it.  If I don’t like the ethos of the brand I will not wear it.  If it rubs and chafes I will not wear it.  My charity shop drop offs are littered with failed exercise clothes purchases.  For running clothes need to move but support, look nice keep me cool and not clash with other clothing.  For weight training clothes need to be light more fitted but also keep me cool.

When I realised that tracksuits were heavy and cumbersome to run in I moved onto leggings.  Fabletics was then my go to, cheap and functional but you had to be careful not to get stung with their direct debits.

Brands like ADIDAS and Nike are great but also expensive and a recent TV programme showed that the cheaper brand such as decathlon were just as good if not better, if you want to know more about that check it out here.

Decathlon is currently my go to for tops and trail skirts and 2XU for my leggings and shorts (great compression) with CEP or 2XU for compression socks or calf sleeves.

Having tried this combination several times I find this works very well for me when completing harder events like at Ranscombe.

Running clothes are not always feminine though so I like to add something every now and again, tikiboo have some really funky feminine leggings that are also seasonable linked here. If trail skirts are your thing then I would recommend Running Afrock linked here.  I had Liz who owns Running Arock make me up a daisy skirt for Ranscombe, Daisy being my nickname but also as Ranscombe was a nature reserve I thought it apt.  I was pleased to meet with Liz at the even and many other ladies who had also had the same idea.

For the summer challenge I had a sweaty betty vest top on with 2XU shorts under my daisy skirt.  The skirt kept me fairly cool, was very floaty and flattering.  With my number pinned to it, it stayed in place.

File_005 (2)
Myself and the fabulous Helen Cleary (the daisy gang) sporting our daisy outfits.

It was so lovely meeting Liz and others from the Daisy gang. Since Ranscombe I have ordered another outfit to break out at my next event.  If you fancy something different and made to order with colours at your request plus made in Britain please check Running Afrock out.


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