Stort 5

This was on the Grand Prix list last year but thanks to the feedback received from club members when I asked I felt it appropriate to add it onto the list this year.  All trail and set in beautiful Hatfield countryside I decided that I too would take part this year.

This race is either 5 or 10 miles, the 5 miles race was the GP race for us.

The morning dawned bright and sunny and I knew we were going to be in for a warm run.  The club hosting it had been very kind and accommodating, we were the second largest club in attendance but it is really the host club that can make or break a race sometimes.  This club is a friendly club and their annual race shows them at their best here are their details should you wish to join a club in that area or join in with this race next year

The one and only Frank Bruno was in attendance today, we had some photos with him, he also started the race.

My training plan meant I had to cover a certain distance as an easy run.  As the race set off I almost recorded my fastest mile, I realised pretty quickly that I was not keeping to plan and I slowed back down.  The route was pretty undulating, all on grass and trails some in the shade but a heck of a lot in the sun.  I ran with some fabulous people, some from my club but also others all doing their race their run at their pace.  I was happy with my finish time I was happy how I felt and how my body worked today.

Fabulous goody bag and t-shirt awaited at the finish no medal but the shirt far more useful.

Lets hope this is on the GP again next year, may have to ask the Race Secretary lol.

Know what I mean Harry

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