Celebrating & helping

Hubby had his 100th parkrun and wanted to celebrate it at Raphael Park, my home parkrun and the one more local to us.  This meant that our tourism was halted for a week.

I was due to marshal at some point, although parkrun do not enforce volunteers, without those who give up their run so others can enjoy parkrun it is always encouraged, you only really need to volunteer 3 times a year to make it all work smoothly.  Marshalling is easy, its a case of providing encouragement, cheering and pointing.  There are other jobs that can be more complex, timekeeping, results processing to name two but again training is provided and the parkrun family are completely nurturing and supportive to all so there should be no need to worry.  I love helping, I like to see others getting or keeping fit by taking part in the free weekly 5k, I like to cheer them on and create a supportive atmosphere.

We are understanding

Anyway I digress.  It was nice being back and one of my friends was run director and I wanted to support.  I didn’t want to miss out on a run so I did a gentle plod from home to the park, rather refreshing but was only 2 miles so I was not too sweaty for parkrunners.

Friends came from other parkruns to celebrate with Andy and it was lovely to see. Including club members, second club members and the runfit crew. Running buddies join together to celebrate.

It made for a great photo of runners and volunteers joining together. Some very dear friends are in this group and I wanted to cheer them on.
All smiles at the start.
The run started without a hitch, on time and everyone looking happy.

I had to change my marshal point as someone hadn’t turned up.  I didn’t mind, after seeing the start I made my way up to the top of the hill and was able to cheer my friends as they ran up and down the hill.

Once again parkrun showed how inclusive it was with walkers, sprinters, young and old taking part.  I have to say I like the ethos parkrun have shown this week with the term tail runner changing to tail walker, less pressure and the message I have from that is that as long as you are out there moving it is cool.

Next week there is no parkrun for me, I will update in due course what I will be doing.

In the meantime, keep well and again if you are inspired to take park in parkrun please check out their events. http://www.parkrun.org.uk


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