Horndon 2017

The 10k at Horndon on the Hill is always held the last weekend of June, held the same time as a feast and fayre and is a staple on the Grand Prix. 2017 marked the 25th year the club had been attending.

A bumper turn out of 60 members ensured that we turned the crowd blue and yellow.

A fabulous turnout

My arrival was early, I wasn’t running but three in my car were and they wanted to get to the village, parked and numbers collected early. But, very soon we were joined by other club members.

The race started and myself and the cheer squad I was with cheered the club as they made their way round the course, I cheers other runners on too, always nice to support, it’s less about me and more about spreading positivity to all.

Very quickly the front runners were finishing and I was proud to cheer friends, club members and other runners through, waiting until the last one was through.

After, I discovered that one of our runners had fallen and another from another club helped him and encouraged him back up, that’s community running support right there.

I always like to think I am supporting the fastest in the group but more importantly those who are not as fast but putting in as much effort.

Runners that stick together are stronger together, divided we never gain strength.

The picture below was posted on the club Facebook and struck a chord.

Support is everything

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