Maldon Prom parkrun – Back to my roots.

After a busy week and not going to parkrun last weekend myself and the gang decided to do some more tourism around Essex.

Ready for the off

I elected Maldon, my birth town, and deep into Essex.  I have a certain amount of fondness for those little towns that are on the Blackwater.  Maldon and the surrounding area is famed for the Thames Barges with their dark red sails, when I saw one on arrival I felt at home.  These barges reminded me of my Granddad and his explanation about Dunkirk.

Thames Barges waiting for action

Getting there and parked was ok, plenty of parking except there was a football festival on at the same time so the car park was busy.  I must remember to keep checking the whats on guide in case any new parkrun choices have something on.

Parking is pay and display but cheap and is a few minutes walk away from the start line.

There was a visitors briefing with details of the course but in all honesty it was difficult to picture the course when standing at the start.

The start was a little bit of a bottle neck, it was at the amphitheatre a wide open space that narrowed, it didn’t bother me being near the back but there were a few hazards to take into account, benches, bollards and kerbs to name a few of them.

The prom

The route takes you round a small pond, up through a trail section and along the promenade and is 2 1/2 laps.  As I got out onto the prom I was able to set my eyes onto some of the party going the other way from where I was heading, off putting for some, peace of mind for me.  At this point I felt rough, the sun was out now and very warm and I felt dizzy.  I slowed down to recover and then felt slightly better.  The prom leads to a Saxon warrior statute and you complete a u turn there to come back down the way you have come towards the amphitheatre and round again for lap two.

Byrhtnoth watching over us.
Our own Saxon Essex Warrior

The trail part was a welcome respite from the sun, it was very warm the ground was firm underfoot.  It wasn’t hilly but there were some tree roots to watch out for and was bumpy.

It wasn’t until after I realised that the woodland trail was a memorial avenue for those local people who lost their lives in the second world war.

Part of the trail section
Tide is out

The final 1/2 is a turn to the right instead of left, up a slope and onto about a 400 metre roadway into the finish funnel.  There are plenty of people milling about without getting in your way and support is there should you need it, I liked the atmosphere it was not over the top and if you are just there doing your thing it is enough support without you feeling embarrassed.

There is a place for tea or ice cream and a sit down.  If you have family there is plenty to do afterwards too, a children’s playground and activity centres and a small lake for fishing or using remote controlled boats.

Maldon I will be back, I loved it there

I know I have said this before but I feel I need to reiterate, as you can see from our group picture parkrun is really for everyone young, old, male, female, sprinters, runners, joggers and walkers.

Walk/Jog/Run/Volunteer parkrun it is a fabulous way to start the weekend and whats more its free!



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