Westminster Mile

Myself, hubby and friends decided to help out at the 2017 vitality Westminster Mile bank holiday weekend. 


It is always nice to do something that pays back into the running community, I get so much out of being with my running buddies and I thought this even would be perfect.

The day started pretty darn early as we had to be in place before the runners, we were on baggage so had to be at out station by 8:30 for the 9am drop off. This meant being changed into our staff shirts, briefed and have any questions answered before leaving staff HQ.

Ready to work

The briefing was very important given what had happened earlier in the week. We were assured that there were plenty of security about and we should not be worried. I had decided that I would not let some nasty people stop me from doing things I enjoy. I knew London would be ok today.

We were taken to the baggage tent and for the next few hours we kept fit by taking in the bags, organising and the giving the bags back out. Sounds simple right? But actually when you are dealing with hundreds of people you need your wits about you (and comfortable shoes).

It was a huge joy to wish people good luck. It was fabulous to see people we knew and be able to give them encouragement too.

As soon as bags were dropped many were ready to be collected again. It was very warm in the tent be we were a team and worked brilliantly together.

Team work
Partners in crime
Once the bags were collected we helped get the school children off to their start for their daily mile and then we were free to go.

We wandered round the running village enjoying the atmosphere and sunshine but our aching feet caught up with us and a nice cup of tea and sit down was in order.

We popped by the Run Mummy Run support tent and made our way home. Happy because we had an amazing day and were able to support others.


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