Elvis is in the building

Each year all the running clubs get together and have a series of races. These are called Elvis, East London five (V) Interclub Series.

The first of which was in May and organised by Dagenham 88, my second club as of this year.

This race is over a green area outside of Dagenham called The Chase, and is 5 miles. As a rule I don’t run these races as many are during the week but, I always try to get to the first one of the year, I organise my first club race as part of my race secretary role but the others are often difficult to make because of work.

If I can make it I always support and take pictures, many like to see pictures of themselves running and I love supporting my two clubs.

This time though it was different, after a few days of warmth the heavens opened.  As a result the race was in monsoon conditions.  I stood there in my inadequate waterproofs getting soaked to the skin.  Myself and other volunteers looked like drowned rats.

That aside I still witnessed some blistering running from many people, plenty from the two clubs I am a member of.  The weather did not dampen spirits there, it was till great to be there.

I used this race as an opportunity to get to know many new people, catch up with old friends, to cheer all runners in and gain any fresh ideas for the race in June.

Hardened runners will run in any weather and this was no different.

Elvis has arrived!


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