Day of the double

Sometimes I reflect at what I have done and think I am quite mad.

Beachy Head, taking up running, changing careers are three mad moments I can think of, these changed the way I looked at life in their own special way.

After helping my friend round parkrun hubby and I shot off to the gym, we normally follow parkrun with a class, today was no exception.

Spin had been booked but this was no ordinary spin class this was a double, two classes back to back.

I have been enjoying this class ever since I did my first session back at Easter.  Would I be able to complete two classes though especially after a parkrun?

The class started well and I was in a rhythm pretty soon, pushing what I had achieved the week before.  Sweat dripping from me moments after the start I kept up (just). The class was busy but nobody was looking around, all were just concentrating on their own thing.

All too soon part one ended. Those unable to do the double left and a few more joined.  I stayed put, legs throbbing but willing to go on.

Part two started, I thought the instructor would go a bit easier, what larks!  It was just as hard as the previous session.  Sweat now cascading down my back and from my forehead, I glugged water at any opportunity. By the penultimate track my legs were begging to give up, I couldn’t, I wouldn’t not now.

At the end of the final track I gasped a sigh of relief, it was over, I felt tired but I felt great I never thought I would be able to do a run followed by two heavy going cycling classes.

My legs wobbled as I got off and I made sure I stretched, my t-shirt was sticking to me.







I look back and yes, I feel mad but I am also secretly pleased that I decided to go on a fitness journey.  I was proud that I was able to take part in this double session.

This girl can and continues to do!


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