Support is everything

I had a wobble after MK.  I really felt that I could not face running again any time soon.  Something changed in the latter part of the week that changed that and although running is still difficult this week it was made easier due to the people I had around me.

I didn’t run at club night Tuesday, I felt I needed to heal myself physically and mentally.  I wasn’t keen to run Thursday but I headed to track reluctantly, I almost turned round and went home.  I am glad I didn’t go home as I had the one of the most enjoyable runs in a long time thanks to a new running buddy.  We covered just under 4 miles at the track and it felt good and it felt easier than runs had been feeling recently.  At parkrun on the following Saturday I offered to pace my new running buddy, a steady jog meant that I enjoyed the run with no pressure and she got a time that she was pleased with and had little pain too.

Sunday morning I decided to join the club over at the country park, Spitfire was looming fast and the wobbles I was currently having needed to be squashed.  The morning was chilly but fine for running in.  I had decided I was going to do a walk run, my head was pounding and I felt pushing it would make it worse and me feel like giving up.

The large group naturally split with the ‘elites’ at the front, followed by the fasties, the middles, the plodders and the walkers.  I plodded round the route actually enjoying myself, having a conversation and just being relaxed about the whole thing.

After 5 miles I stopped, everything felt good, we all headed to the cafe for cake and tea.  It was so nice to see everyone together it had been a long time since I was out on a Sunday run with the club and I felt so proud to be part of this group on this Sunday morning.  This to me is what being part of a club was all about, no politics, support, conversation and friendship.

Support is everything.

Running family

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