Strength in Gym

The gym is becoming my second home since hubby joined.  This is good news as I know he will get benefits from coming along and I will continue on my journey to improve my health.

I am still having PT sessions and I would recommend having some if you can afford it.  Even if you only did one every once in a while it will set you up and give you ideas for when you are working out on your own. Personally I love having the PT sessions as it means coming out of my comfort zone almost weekly. I do things I wouldn’t consider doing on my own and because Katie is so positive even if I have had a stressful time of it I tend to finish the session on a high and a can do attitude.

I am trying to track more what of what I am doing during my PT sessions especially when it comes to greater gains with lifting etc so here is a snapshot of my session mid April with Katie.

First I warmed up for a few moments using the Vipr and functional movements.


1-Squats on the smith machine; 2 sets first set 15 reps second set 12 using just the bar. Second set with 2.5kg added weight first set 10 reps and second set 12 reps. Supersetted with 10 pop squats.

2-Super set of 4; goblet squares 12 reps using a 7kg dumbbell followed by 20 seconds on the battle ropes.

3-A circuit of 15 push ups, 15 pulls ups using the TRX and 15 battle rope slams. Repeated 3 times.

4-A circuit of 5 walkouts, 20 mountain climbers, 12 Vipr Russian twists and 12 Vipr presses. Repeated 3 times.

I didn’t do a cool down as after this session I went straight to my running club to walk run a 5k loop.

What I found with this session was that I had DOMS for slightly longer than normal, my legs really took the brunt, once the ache fell away I felt stronger.


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