Comfort zone

On the Monday night I decided that I would book in and complete a group cycling class.  Tuesday I arrived at the gym, the only newbie to the group. It had been about 5 years since I did a spin class so I hunted for a bike at the back, the room was already full.

The instructor asked if there was anyone new and I popped my hand up.  She very kindly adjusted my bike, and explained a few instructions and what they meant and then bam the class started.

It started off gently but within a few moments I could feel beads of sweat on my face and my legs felt they were really working.

I was well out of my comfort zone and it was hard work.

After about 15 minutes I was a big sweaty mess but, I kept on.  Standing up gears up, sitting down, gears down RPM at such and such, I followed every instruction given.

The music was great and I found that keeping to the beat helped with the RPM part. The lights being off kept my red face away from the others in the room.

The last half of the session passed very quickly, the instructor said it was the last track, I looked at my watch in surprise.

A cool down and then that was it.

The instructor came over, asking how I found it.  I was honest, it was hard work but I enjoyed it and I would be back.

I left the gym and then joined one of my running buddies for a run round the park, I honestly thought I was going to cave in.  My legs were screaming but I kept on, apart from when flies decided my tomato face was to their liking and raced towards it and when my phone decided to detach itself from its holder. It was one of my quicker runs in this park, I was pleased.



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