Lee Valley 10k

The first weekend of the Easter school break was beautiful and sunny.  The parkrun on the 1st April was a backwards course and felt so much harder but it was completed, the first run of the weekend ticked off.

Sunday dawned and with it came the Lee Valley 10k, my first 10k as a This Girl Can Essex ambassador.  Of course I had to wear that shirt (sorry club)!

This event consisted of a 10k and half marathon and was held by Active World Training.

A small group from the club arrived to the White Water centre, I had never been and it looked fun, but the start of the 10k was not the time to investigate that particular sport.

The bib number collection and bag drop although busy was swift and easy and was a decent distance away from the start/finish without it being a complete trek for miles.

The 10k went off first with the half starting 15 minutes later.  The sun was out and the initial chill from earlier had gone.  My running buddy and I set off with all the other 10k runners I felt really good but my pace was a bit to quick.  At the first water station I had to stretch out but once stretched I was ready to finish it and take that medal.

Pacing wise it was good, my running buddy pacing me for a PB (I always feel like Mo Farah when she does this).

There were two points on the course where you run with the half marathoners.  As a result I managed to be passed by hubby twice as he ran his half.  He still looked fresh, the sun was making me look like a tomato.

The course was beautiful, really pretty, with the canals one side and a river the other in some places.  Parts were on trail and parts on gravel or tarmac but it was all a pleasure to run on.

Finally we turned back into the centre, the finish line not far, picking up the pace as best as I could with my buddy nagging me to do so I got a wiggle on and made for the finish.  Hot sweaty and looking like a huge tomato I collected my medal, swigged my water and stretched.

After collecting our bags we made our back back to the final straight to cheer in the half marathoners.

From start to finis this event was well organised, well marshalled and the route fabulous.  The half marathoners thought the same with just one issue where there was a path split and no marshal but the more observant spotted the runners ahead.

Would I run this event again? yes for sure, I may try the half next time.


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