This Girl Can Do Weights!

You may recall that I bumped into someone who was married to my old PT trainer.

I have been training weekly with her since July 2016 and feel stronger as a result.  She understands my running goals and my health goals and designs strength workouts around these goals. Plus giving me advise on food and nutrition.

I wanted to share one of the workouts with you to show that anyone can work with weights and not to be scared of them in the gym.  Also some of what we do can be done in the home too.

Firstly I warmed up by using the Vipr and completing a set of lateral shuffles.

I then completed my 22 push ups for the day (part of a challenge I accepted, 22 push ups each day).

Then chest press (machine) followed by mountain climbers (body weight exercise).  The chest press works the chest (obviously) and arms.  Mountain Climbers are great for cardio, arms and core.  We completed 3 sets of both before moving on.

Seated row (machine), followed by overhead tricep press (machine) and walkouts, completing a set of 3 each again. Seated row works the back, chest and arms, tricep press the triceps and core and walkouts (my favourite not!) works arms, core, legs.

We then moved onto the box and I had to complete step ups (10 each leg) with a vipr to finish the move as a shoulder press the box was 15 inches high and sounds so blooming easy until you do it with a Vipr to press too.  With a heavier Vipr I then has to do more lateral shuffles, both exercised were completed 3 times.

An even heavier Vipr was needed for the Vipr flips, this is flipping the Vipr down the room and back again working the legs and adding some cardio, this was against the clock with a time to beat.  After a set of flips it was squat time working the legs and bum, both were completed 3 times.

As you can see there are some exercises that can be done effectively at home but most gyms have a Vipr that could help.


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