Keep on Swimming, Running and being active.

In my younger years I was a swimmer, luckily it came natural to me and in my youth I was fairly good enough to compete.  It was the only sport I enjoyed and was good at.

As I approached my mid teens, exams and other teenage pressures took up my time I let go of the swimming bug.

I occasionally went to the pool but hubby is not a swimmer and so it was an activity that was totally solo.  Not that this bothers me but it is always nice to do stuff together.

In the last few years I started to see swimming as a great way to destress and cross train, making a difference to going out and running all the time.  The water was my old friend after all and I wanted to visit my buddy.

The pool at my gym is lovely, it can convert from olympic size 50 meters to 25 meters and because of the size and the fact that the pool could be one huge pool or two 25 meter pools even at busy times a decent swim could be completed.

So I am back cross training by swimming.  My basic work out if I need a quick session is 1000m freestyle (40 laps) this takes just under 30 minutes.  However I have been known to just keep going and going with no goal in mind.

Swimming is a great all rounder, it is low impact so joints are protected.  It uses every muscle so it is great for core, legs and arms.  The actual nature of swimming gives you freedom, you cannot take your phone with you so you have no change of interruptions to your time.  The water holds you up and protects you so you are less likely to hurt yourself.  Swimming helps with breathing when running and if you are not comfortable with one style of stroke there are others to choose from.  Any stoke gives you a full body workout.  You don’t sweat (if you don’t like to sweat) and it is actually very relaxing.

You don’t have to go full pelt to get the benefits, a gentle swim will help you reap the rewards.

You also don’t need a lot of equipment, just a nice costume that you feel comfortable in a towel and maybe goggles if you have sensitive eyes and a hat if you want to keep your hair free of chlorine.  The cost is also pretty low, just the entrance fee to the pool.

If you cannot swim there are many adult swim classes available Click here for your local venue.  I would encourage anyone to swim or learn to swim even if your first love is running or weight training.

Whatever you choose to do this week keep active and enjoy.


One thought on “Keep on Swimming, Running and being active.”

  1. You’re right of course – I’m so glad I learned to swim at school because I can’t imagine not being able to go for a dip whenever I feel like it.

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