Spring has Sprung

The clocks go forward tonight and this for me means lighter nights, warmer weather and the chance to get out there and be active.

Today at parkrun the sun was shining and although there was a breeze it was pleasant and warm, perfect conditions to walk, jog or run.

It was lovely seeing so many friendly faces, many I know and many getting to know.  There is always a great range of people from the fast youngsters, seasoned runners down to those wanting to get fit.

I am at the lower end but that does not stop me from putting in 100%. Today was no exception.  I have a PB time I want to achieve plus I want to get the coveted 50 parkrun t-shirt but I didn’t want to push myself too far over that edge.

I started off pretty well and did a slow jog up the hill (hellish hill), round towards the tennis courts, this is my least favourite part of the route it feels like no mans land to me and often I feel the energy sap from me, coming round the other side of the tennis courts I could see the super fast runners approaching from where I had just been.  Back round towards the start for my second lap, I felt pleased my pace was ok and I felt comfortable.  Back past the lake and towards the hill again, one of my buddies who had stopped his run ran a bit with me, over the hill and towards no mans land again.  The final loop is smaller and I was joined by hubby, it still meant a third visit to hellish hill but legs felt good, body felt great, breathing all over the place I was running by feel and so slightly concerned that my breathing was off. Over hellish hill and its about 300 or so meters to the finish that includes a downhill and a slight incline before levelling it out for the finish, a sprint towards the line and I was done.

It was only after 30 minutes or so when I received the text with the result I realised I bagged a PB.

Think you like the idea of parkrun now it is spring?  There are many around in Essex, greater London and all over the country.  It is free to take part and open to all, regardless of fitness or pace, you can indeed walk, jog or run. Click here for more details.



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