This Girl Can – Essex

I decided to sign up and be part of the whole #thisgirlcan campaign when it was announced they wanted people to promote getting fit and healthy in Essex.

I debuted by ambassadorship at Basildon parkrun this weekend.  It must be my lucky t-shirt as I also bagged a PB at Basildon.

We decided to show one of my running buddies Basildon, it is a friendly parkrun in a nice park with a cafe a second from the finish line where the tea is hot and tasty. I like a nice bit of parkrun tourism.

Basildon has a special place in my fitness life.  I use the pool and gym at the sporting village and I track train during the week there too.

I don’t normally like to shout all my fitness results from the rooftops but I hope that being part of this campaign, if I can get just one person up and doing something then my job is done.

I am not supermodel thin, I am not fast but I have lost a lot of weight through fitness plus my running fitness and times have improved.  If i can do this then anyone can and I urge you to think about getting up and at the very least start a journey, who knows where it will take you.  Through my journey I have met some fabulous people, been to all parts of Essex and proud to represent women and the county with this campaign. Come join me!



1 thought on “This Girl Can – Essex”

  1. Excellent news! Congrats on becoming a This Girl Can Essex ambassador. I hiked with another ambassador on Saturday – the excellent Lucy Edwards of Paddle Pedal Pace blog and she made all the difference to my pacing 🙂

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