Cancer Research Winter Run London 5th February 2017

It is time to get into the tardis and play catch up with some of the events I took part in during my sabbatical aka time away from blogging.

The London Winter Run is something I always look forward to on my running calendar.  Having completed it in 2016 and bagged myself a PB before then incurring a few injuries (lets just gloss over that for now) I wanted to return in 2017.

A big group from the club met up and travelled up to Trafalgar Square ready for the off.  The faster runners in the group set off to start and us steadier runners made our way shortly after.

The weather wasn’t too bad, not really freezing but there was a chill in the air, well it was February after all and there were polar bears about! We set off and steady we went the kilometres passed fairly quickly and I felt strong.  Suddenly at the 4k marker someone cut in from of my friends and I and although I didn’t stop I pulled up a bit a slowed, a tiny panic attack threw me, I could have been injured I thought.  Friends rallied and then I rallied.  Excellent support from my friends and the crowd I made my way to the finish where the faster friends were waiting.  I crossed the finish line tearful, I did not dare look but my pacing mate told me it was a PB, I looked down and she was right, 8 minutes quicker than last year.

We made our way to the docklands and had a hearty pub lunch, the mood was fabulous.

Things I like about this event:

  1. The atmosphere.
  2. The route, looking at the buildings and seeing London from a different perspective.
  3. It reminds me of the time I saw the fireworks by the Thames on NYE with my family and having to walk back through the celebratory streets of London, happy times.
  4. It raises money and awareness of a good cause.
  5. It is flat and doable.
  6. Easy bag drop.
  7. The polar bear hugs

What I don’t like about this event:

  1. It gets very busy at the start in the pen.
  2. People are often starting at the wrong time and are either a) cutting in your way, tripping you up or b)slower and in your way.  Why people cannot keep to the left I never know.
  3. The bag you are given for the bag drop is a bit small, just about big enough for a jumper.
  4. Can be regarded as expensive.

This event would be a great 10k for those new to the distance or those who like something with a lovely atmosphere.  If this sounds like something you want to take part in, you can sign up by clicking the link here.


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