Updates on life.

Back on the running updates today after 2 planning updates.

Parkrun last Saturday was another milestone for me, cutting another 90 seconds off my PB and reducing the time I take completing the 5k down to a number I feel lost proud of.  Still a way to go but it really feels like my training has underpinned all the recent accomplishments with my running.

During this parkrun I also covered another target.  Before I mention this target I will point out that parkrun is a run not a race and the only person you should be competing against is yourself and I have been doing that week on week.  But, there is this guy who I have seen at parkrun for many weeks and I really just wanted to catch him up I had been close on a few occasions but last Saturday I was able to do it, my own mini target met!

I am training with weights once a week, running 3-4 times a week and looking after my core once a week.  My actual runs are still following the training programme and it feels right.

My next big adventure is the Beachy Head Marathon and I will be feeding back on that if I make it in one piece.

Things I am enjoying watching, this time of year there is some good tv.  I like Black Mirror, now on Netflix, the first episode was incredibly thought provoking and has really made me think about my own social media usage, funny huh when I write a blog.  But I mean mostly Facebook, as this can take over my life, living for likes is not my style but the feed could take over day to day and that is something I am addressing.

News of the kitties, they were neutered this week.  Horrible as it is for them to go through that I cannot be a responsible carer if I do not do something about unwanted pregnancies with my own, there are enough unwanted kittens out there.  Don’t buy, adopt!


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