Planning tab set up.

Continuing the theme about planning for 2017 I wanted to share my final binder set up now up and running ready for next year.

This is slightly picture heavy but pictures are better than how I can describe it.

Firstly the binder is a Van De Spek personal size and I have made my dividers using a template from Ray Blake found here. Using images that are personal to me.


I had to decide what I wanted to keep in my binder, as I was starting a new job plus race secretary at my running club along with my own personal goals I needed to keep track of I didn’t want it packed out but enough for me to reference day to day.

My first tab is ‘Notes in’ an idea gained from the philofaxy community, a dashboard style where quick notes a various jottings go if I am in a rush ready to be added elsewhere in the binder when I have a moment. I used a picture of my 4 cats, they give me joy when I see them and thought it a beautiful start to the day.


Next img_5429img_5430up is my ‘diary’ tab.  This is an image of part of the Berlin Wall now at the Imperial War Museum.  This motto stands firm with me, many times I have tried to change things and blamed others for not making the change, we are responsible for changing our own lives.  The diary inserts are from Day Timer, they have monthly tabs and I love the layout and paper its printed on, the tabs make it easy to find a month quickly.  I use a day on one page and keep about 6 months in a binder at a time.


Under diary I have ‘recurring’ this houses tasks that come up monthly quarterly annually plus birthdays and anniversaries.  I made a grid for the tasks and note what needs to be done and what month.  I would then write that task in on a date in that actual month in the diary.  I don’t write it immediately in the diary as sometimes the dates can change, especially when it comes to cat treatments.  The image is from Disney Magic Kingdom, Belle is my favourite Disney princess.

img_5431 img_5432









‘Projects-me’ the next this quote fired me up after one of my early races.  In this section I have my own personal projects in a list on the first sheet, it includes things like running a particular distance/race plus training plans that I need to review

‘Projects-club’ is next.  Here I list the GP races I am planning for next year plus a few lines of review for the races just completed.  This image shows what running is for me.


‘Projects-work’ is next.  This is a a list of tasks I would like to accomplish before I leave my current role and things I need to get in place in my first week and my new role.  This photo is of my nan and granddad on their wedding day








Next tab is ‘Someday’ under here would be tasks that I would like to do at some point but has no fixed date or timeframe.  I have also added a nice to buy page here for things I have seen and may want to purchase at some point.  The photo is of my running track where I like to train sometimes.


‘Ideas’ is next this is anything that I think of at the moment it has Christmas gift ideas for the family and films I want to watch.  I have added blog ideas here too.  The image sums up how I try to be positive when sometimes people are negative around me, working in education can be a negative place sometimes as can social media.


Onto the references part, first tab is ‘ref-me’ with a brilliant quote that again sums up what we should all remember.  I have mile conversions here and a pacing chart that I use almost on a daily basis when working our running routes and training.


‘ref-club’ is empty at the moment but by the end of the week I will have the numbers and email addresses of the club committee members and other points of reference that I need when sending out club information.  The quote is from Carol Dweck.


‘Ref-work’ is my reference pint for work, this may include user names and disguised passwords and work email address, my current one is always a pain to remember.  Mark Twain provides the quote here.


My final tab ‘Contacts’ is a picture of Big Ben with the London Eye taken New Years Eve 2014 when the family were over from the States.  A happy img_5441memory watching the fireworks over the Thames.  It was after this night that I decided to make a change and take control of my own health and happiness.I don’t keep all phone numbers here but the ones I may need to get to in an emergency especially if my phone or other electronic devices fail me when I need it most.

I hope you like my set up.  I would like to thank the philofax community for sharing their ideas and giving me great scope on how to move forward with my planning and binder set up.


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