Preparing for 2017

When it comes to working in education and running you always find that you are thinking ahead, planning for the future.

At work I am often planning and thinking about the next half term, especially if I am up to date and the current halt term is working out as it should.  Sometimes I have to be 6 months or more ahead of where I am today to ensure that the students I work with have the tools in place for their exams or for when they are ready to leave school.

For running it is a case of looking at training plans and booking races that sometimes could be 9 months or a year ahead.  Races get booked up quickly these days and there are some key races that we would like to take part in during 2017.  I have just booked Spitfire again for July 2017, crazy eh?

It isn’t a case of wishing my life away it is a case of making sure I have all my ducks in a row and I am as prepared as I can be for the events that are upcoming plus not missing out on key events.  Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

This is where my organisation comes in, both paper planning with electric enhancements.  Races have been booked already for 2017 and I need to make sure they do not clash with anything else going on in my life or with other races.  Plus I have to look at the races I set up for the club as part of my race secretary role.

I use a personal Heritage Filofax for my day to day organisation.  This is the Mother Ship in here I have my to do list, my diary and various other notes of various importance plus a place for what I call brain bump.  Brain dump gets used if I have a thought, seen something I need to purchase or need to remember something that does not necessarily have a date to it, I write it in there and then can access it as and when.  I love the Heritage as there is no clasp and looks like a note book, easy to open and look at what I need to do quickly and has no bells and whistles to get in the way, although the colour is a tad boring!

For work I currently use a moleskine book as a bullet journal, each page has the date at the top and is driven by my work to do list, my to do list in my Filofax feeds into this and I carry this with me during the day.  This format is useful to look back and see what I completed on a certain date, important for feeding back during appraisal time or if a parent asked about a certain event.

On my desk at home I have an A5 Union Jack Filofax and this is a copy of my personal.  It is left there for hubby to check what is coming up that week or for me to use when I am working at the computer.

All events that have been booked by hubby or myself get put into the electronic calendar on our iPhones and this also gets fed into my Filofax, essential  as we start to book events for 2017 as we do not want any clashes.

This system works really well and I have not had any issues with it.  It takes about 2 minutes of my day to keep it updated and I feel writing things down or ticking things off my to do list really beneficial, the work one especially as it has been really busy recently.

The only system I may tweak will be the work journal.  I will be changing my role in a months time and as a result I think I will need a different system, the bullet journal works but I feel I may need to dig a bit deeper as I will need to juggle a few things at the same time.  Once this book is used up I may move into another Filofax as this is a flexible way of recording and keeping on top of things.

I intend to look at how others organise their working diaries to see if there are any tips I can use for me.


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