Progress and change

Another parkrun PB meant that things were going really well and my number started with something I had been hankering after for more months than I care to think about.  This was the day after a lovely little run that was part of my training programme and an interview that seemed to go well and must have done as I got the new role.  I felt that currently things were working out but, not one to sit back and think it had it all in the bag and be over confident I know I still have a long way to go, lots of work to still get under my belt and plenty of training ahead.  I have booked 2 half marathons now and I want to improve on my first but also keep improving at parkrun and the 5k and 10k races that may come up.  I want Abs but not at the cost of panic attacks hence why I am training seriously and sticking to my plan.

I am back to basics with my training completing a programme that consists of a walk run to help improve my 10k time whilst avoiding injury.  This will continue for the next few weeks, I have found this has helped with my pacing at parkrun and made me feel more comfortable when running and so far the shin splints have not returned, if you like the sound of this then click here.  Once this programme is over I am back on the half marathon training and I will be using the Hanson Marathon method, I have posted up a review of the book if this appeals to you.

As for work, a new role means that I will have a lot to learn in a short space of time.  I hate changing jobs and although I like most of the people I work with currently I knew that the place was not a good fit for me, I felt stale and I wasn’t being pushed mentally and I love having mental challenges that help me grow.  The place I am going to will be harder but I am up for that, the role is a little different to what I am used to but ultimately I will be helping students and that is what I enjoy.

It is all change, steady progress and fingers crossed the balance will be maintained and the great stuff continues.



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