parkrun PB and assessing change

There are a lot of things going on in my life at the moment.

Project me is still very much underway and I am still training at the gym, once a week but I would like it to be more.  However the back to work situation has made training, running and work a difficult balancing act that needs to be carefully managed along with the other things I want to devote time or energy to.

After the triumph I felt after last weeks half I wanted to keep the running up if nothing else.  I started a new program on the Tuesday after the half to help avoid injury but help with pace, I wanted to improve my 10k time and train for the half marathon I had booked for February.

Yes you read that right, after weeks and months of saying that I will only ever do one half marathon I came home looked at a few for 2017 and booked the Thorpe Park Half Marathon, running can be addictive.

My goals are to improve my pace and time without causing injury whilst still enjoying what I am doing.

I had been quite relaxed about running, just going out and not competing with times and that was my intention at parkrun yesterday.

I started off at parkrun determined just to enjoy it, run by feel and just get round.  After the first lap one of my running buddies turned off the path, she was about to bail.  I shouted out that I would walk with her, better that than bailing and then regretting it later, she wasn’t injured once I checked so there was no reason not to continue.  We walked then run and just kept a pace, we were not in competition with each other we encouraged, running when we felt like it but keeping the other in sight in case of issues.  The finish line approached and personally I felt good I felt comfortable but didn’t think I had broken any records.  A sprint finish allowing my buddy to go in front of me and I was happy, no issues no panic attacks all very relaxed.

I looked at my watch, flicked the screen to pace and time and looked again, a double take, really for a moment there I thought I had a PB.  I checked again, well my watch did say PB but maybe I had started it earlier than the official timekeepers.  A bubble of excitement inside of me, maybe it was a PB.  I would have to wait for the official results.  An hour later the results came through, I had trimmed about 30 seconds off my PB, a minute over the month and 3 minutes since coming back from injury. I was chuffed and felt it was a perfect way to end the week that started with my first half marathon.

With the other things that are going on, well the kitties are settled now and the older cats are accepting of them albeit watchful still.

I am strength training at least once a week at the gym but I would like to increase this again and probably start once I have this week out the way.

Work has been a test since going back, I have spent more times than not feeling unsettled due to the staff turnover at the end of the last school year, there are lots of new staff most are long term supply.  I have felt that my views and the views of the school are not fully alined and as a result it makes me feel uncomfortable.  I want the best for the students I want them supported and for them to achieve the best they can but not everybody cares in the same way, this makes me upset and this week I may have to do something about that.


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