Approaching the half

With 8 days until my half I decided it would be good to get a 10k in beforehand.  After the Saxon Shore event I knew I had the mileage, I just needed to tweak the legs and see how they cope.  The 2 runs I did during the week felt ok, the Thursday run felt a million times better than the Tuesday but the Tuesday one felt comfortable, winning all round I would say.

So Saturday dawned and I forced myself out of bed after a cuddle with the kitties.  I made my way to South Weald, a beautiful country park close by.  I say beautiful but it was also hilly, a fact I forgot as I drove through the country lanes.

The weather had taken a dip, the heat and sunshine had disappeared during the week and the day was grey with spots of rain, perfect.

I wasn’t feeling it really the hill I could see it behind me as I lined up at the start.  It was 3 laps so I knew it was time to face the trail and hills.

I set off up a slight gradient it took my breathing apart, I was gasping, my calves cramped up, I didnt warm up well enough.  I walked for a moment, I wasn’t going to set any world records but I wanted to complete it.  My friend ran with me and what I liked about her company was that she just talked and kept me calm.

As we rounded to the end of the first lap I saw the hill, I couldn’t see the top and it felt like it could go on, nobody in sight was running up it so I plodded up with the best of them.  It was good Beachy Head training if nothing else.

I was the last across the line but I didn’t care, it was all about making sure the legs were going to cope more than anything else to do with time.

Sunday was another Grand Prix race, in the depths of Essex, Langham to be more precise.

Another bumper turn out that started the same place as the Essex 20, so familiar for some.

It was a hot and humid day so not everyone received a PB but there was still some magnificent running from all the members. Another race that seemed to appeal to many of the members, there was the 10k race, 5k and a childrens fun run so those with a family could come and take part or watch whilst eating cake and having tea.  One to put back on for next year I think.

Once the results were processed I knew I now had to concentrate on my own running for the following weekend.  Watch this space…..


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