Trying different things

After the panic episode of my last long run I decided to get myself better hydrated during a run.  Having tried various hand held bottles and waist bottles and not really getting on with them for runs longer than 1 hour I took to google to see what options were out there.  One of my running buddies uses a hydration backpack and gets on very well with them.

So with the help of google I researched carefully and decided that a camelbak could really work for me.  I ordered one and in Amazon Prime style it arrived the next day and ready for me to try on my long run Sunday.

I packed it up with water (this model held 2 litres), some energy beans, and other bits that included car keys and phone.  It all fitted perfectly and I popped it onto my back expecting it to feel cumbersome, it didn’t.  Tentatively I set off, it was a test run, my legs still ached so I walk/run 6 miles.  I was impressed, after a few tiny adjustments it felt good, no rubbing and nowhere near uncomfortable.  The day was cooler so I only drank a litre but that was easy and kept peace of mind that I would be able to hydrate well on hotter days.

So a thumbs up, for now!

The reason why my legs aches was down to the long run on the Thursday and also completing Raphael’s parkrun with a new PB on the Saturday, something that put a spring in my step.

Monday I was back in the gym completing my strength training exercises and I decided when Tuesday dawned hot and sunny that I would do some hill training.  I headed over to a localish train station that has a wicked ramp that went back and forth up about 5 levels.  As the sun beat down I jogged up and recovered down, covering a mile in the process, it felt good and will be something I plan to do again.


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