Chocks away

After a full fun packed non running weekend which involved a wedding with lots of dancing at the reception followed by a short walk, Blair Witch style in total darkness back to the hotel where we were staying for the night I woke on Monday morning in total pain.

After winding myself up for a few hours over what could be causing the pain I hobbled to the car and made my miserable way to the polyclinic.  The queue was long but I wanted to get my legs checked out, I could hardly walk on them.  After a 3 hour wait I was seen by a doctor, who lucky enough, was also an ex runner, he confirmed after taking a look that my issue was shin splints.  Really inflamed and needing rest, painkillers and ice compress.  With the Spitfire race and my half marathon looming I could not sit back and do nothing.  The doctor prescribed strong painkillers and told me to lay off the running.

After 12 hours of feeling miserable I hit the gym and concentrated on strength workouts, by the Thursday I was walk running over the country park with rocktape strapping up my legs.  I was getting nervous that I would not be able to perform at Spitfire.  I stayed on the paths whilst the rest of the squad covered the whole course and I shuffled around.

Saturday was a club race so I used it as a rest day, I wanted to try a run on the Sunday.

Sunday dawned and I wanted to walk run at least 6 miles.  The morning was dry and I could tell it was going to be a warm one.  I set off with my running buddy a gentle trot walking and running, I was pleased at the end to get 8 miles under my belt and the legs felt fine.

Back in the gym Monday morning, legs felt fine so either they are numb from pain killers or they are on the mend, who knows, only Spitfire will decide!  Whatever happens I want to enjoy it and do the best I can, Spitfire is fast approaching, Chocks away!



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