Project me

Now work has ceased I have been able to turn my mind at other things that are pressing.  One of them being my fitness.

The shin splints I have experience in recent months has thrown me a curve ball and my fitness has really taken a knock.  I started back at the gym, doing some swimming and some weights.  I purchased a book on weight training to help me train and thus help me recover but I had not seen much in the way of results and I was impatient.

I become really concerned when my phone bleeped on the morning of the 18 July warning me that I had 2 months until my first half.  I was still not fully back to running and my gym sessions were shaky although the pain had lessened I was not sure if I was making results.

I knew I had to have focus for the next 6 weeks of the school break, gym work, swimming and running.

So school broke up at 2pm and by 3pm I was getting changed in the gym. I was hot, we were in the middle of a heat wave and I wasn’t totally looking forward to the session, needed inspiration and didn’t have much of a clue on how to start training over the next 6 weeks.  I was so hot I was struggling to get changed and at one point I needed help with a fastening that I could not do myself.  Across the changing room was a lady who looked like she was just heading into the gym, I asked if she could help me out and as she did we got talking.  And this is when I realised what a small world we live in and how things sometime move and align just right.  This lady (Kate) was a personal trainer but not only that was now married to a trainer I used to have back in my David Lloyd days and someone I had the upmost regard for.  He was brutal (and kind) but I got the best results when I trained with him, it was only when I changed jobs in 2012 that I could no longer be trained by him as work took over my life.  It was a sign.  Kate said she had half hour before her client was due and asked if she could give a quick session for free to see what I could do.  It was a great session and I signed up there and then for more PT sessions.

The next day I set out to try my old parkrun route, after a few moments I could feel pain in my right leg, hip flexor to be precise. I was annoyed and upset and I bailed which made me more upset and annoyed.  I hobbled home and rested the leg whilst using heat and ice to hurry it better whilst I slept.

The next morning I woke, the pain had subsided but was still there.  I was determined to get to the gym and also see if I could do a little run even if it was on the treadmill.

The heat was bearing down on me as I stepped out of the car into the car park of the gym, I looked across and could see the athletics track was empty, ok lets try the track I thought.  I walked out onto the track and decided to do some intervals to see how I felt.  I sprinted for 100m then recovered for 100m until I reached 5k (3.14 miles) I felt good, I looked down and saw by my watch I had completed my fastest 5k.  I felt great.

Project me was underway!



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