The hottest day of 2016 and I decide to run!

I haven’t written for a few weeks as it has been crazy busy both at work and at home but as we head towards the end of another school year I have the chance to sit down and write up what has been happening.

We have had a few more GP races, Felsted was a 10k, Stort for a 5 mile and Hordon was another 10k.  I am really pleased on how these races are turning out, every GP race we seem to get at least 40 runners from the club going on and the camaraderie between us all is always amazing.  I feel the best race for turn out was Horndon, this was at the end of June and has always been a popular race within the club and this is always held at the end of a food festival.  There were plenty of PBs at Horndon so many were happy once finished (up the huge hill).

Stort was held on the first weekend of July and held in beautiful grounds, it was a trail race so some people did not attend as they only like road racing.  With that aside we still had a bumper turn out and the race commentator remarked on how many of us were there, all good stuff as we even got a mention in the local paper.

Felsted was last week, personally I was tired as I had been to a wedding the day before that surprisingly was only 3 miles away from Felsted (I should have booked a hotel but never mind).  The start and finish was in a primary school so the team photo took on a classic school photo vibe.  After complaints that some people missed the team photo we had to do a huge shout out and then point to the mail perbitrator, all in good jest.

So that is the club GP runs out of the way until September when we are back at Langham for a 10k.

So onto my own personal news.

After being in huge amounts of pain since the Burnham 10k I went to see a physiotherapist who has since had me working on my gait and strength training.  I am not fully pain free but the pain has become less painful.  I have been back to parkrun at Raphael Park (as its looks and on paths so if there are any pain I can drop out without a long walk back).  The first week back was dreadful I was all over the place with running/walking and breathing.  The second week was slightly better, I had a week off for the wedding and Saturday was probably the best recent run ever.  I was close to a PB so I knew I was ok.  Or so I thought…….

Sunday was the Great Newham Run, a 10k that ended on the track inside the Olympic stadium.  I was looking forward to it but it fell on the hottest day of the year so far.  My wave did not kick off until 10:55 so I had ages to hang about with no let up from the sun.  As my wave started I knew it was going to be too hot for me to handle and I was not the only one to feel the heat.  Many of us started to walk drenching ourselves with any available water.  I woke that morning wanting to try and get close to a PB but as I set off I knew I was asking for the impossible as I was drained at the 1km marker, I saw hubby and indicated that I was not feeling it but he gave me the encouragement to press on.  All the pain and heat was forgotten as I rounded the last corner that was outside the stadium, I saw a member of my running family (with a camera) I knew I must be close to the end so after swearing about his camera I pressed on further.  I ran into the tunnel inside the stadium, the shade was a blessed relief, Chariots of Fire was playing, I felt chocked up until I remembered Mr Bean playing it at the opening ceremony in 2012 and laughed.  I thought I was there but out of the tunnel into the sun again and around what was probably the warm up track for real athletes, at this point I had a panic attack, I could not breathe and I was really feeling like the world was closing in, I shuffled round for a bit to get a grip.  400m later I entered the stadium and onto the track.  I was a wreck, laughing and crying and gibbering like a loon when I saw another member of my running family.  I tried to take a video but I was all over the place.  At 200m I saw hubby with more of my running family I waved laughed, cried and gibbered some more.  I could see the finish line, I started to run then calmed down thought about how I was going to finish and decided I was going to do the A bot, so I did!

I collected my goodie bag and met up with hubby and my buddies, we hugged it out all rather sweaty but happy.  It was not the PB I hoped for, far from it, as it was my slowest 10k ever but it was done, I got round and I ran on the same track as some of the greats!  Despite the heat and how I felt I had did it and wasn’t last!

The family race started and we stayed to cheer on the kids some were H90J supports (children of members of the club), they wore the blue and yellow shirt with pride.  I love seeing kids run, I wish I had parents encouraging me when I was younger I may have got to it sooner.  These kids are fabulous and I hope they continue as they get older.

I saw many things that inspired me at Newham, people in wheelchairs, kids running, people of all backgrounds and all ages shapes and sizes getting out there and I think it hit home that the running community on the whole is bloody marvellous and can be the one thing that unites us!

Next month is the 24 hour spitfire scramble, really looking forward to that and then September my first half marathon, not looking forward to that as much!  Training for both starts this week, I will keep you posted.

I hope you all had a great weekend whatever you did and if this post has inspired just one of you then my job is done.

Too busy to notice the camera was on me (I am in blue)

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