Pain and gain

It has been a very busy 2 weeks.  First up was hosting the clubs annual race, my first as race secretary and the pressure was on.  I was resting up as I was recovering from my shin splints and as a result couldn’t run anyway.

The race night loomed and was a successful evening (if not tiring and draining).  The weather held and although muggy it wasn’t burning sun or downpours galore.  The race was held for 250 runners and all but 2 or 3 ran, the feedback was amazing.

As the week ended I had rested for 2 weeks and so I thought I would step out in running gear again.  I originally thought I would complete a parkrun but hubby thought he would compete a 10k.  After looking at the course online I booked in too.

This race was the second in the Essex Cross Country series, the first one was a race in the GP at Hylands so I knew it was going to be a well organised race.

The day dawned hot and muggy.  As it was very last minute I had no time to get worried or concerned, I knew it was 3 laps so if I started to hurt I could bail on a lap.

The race started and I was at the back, I took it slowly to start, the KT tape I had placed doing its thing with support.  The paths were full of tight twists and turns and after a fashion I started to walk on the difficult bits and the uphills.

I came back round on the first lap and could see the start/finish at this point I could have bailed but I continued.  It was the same story on the second lap, I never knew I was that stubborn.

I finished nowhere near a PB but in all honestly I didn’t care about being last, I cared about finishing it and I had!

Legs still do not feel right but I have to keep on keeping on otherwise what is the point?


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