Planning – paper v tech

I love technology.  I love the new sometimes innovative inventions that are designed to make like slicker, easier or just fun.  I tend to embrace most gizmos out there.  For running I use a Garmin Fenix HR watch, it is one of the best I have ever used and I like that I can use it in the pool on the bike walking or any other sport.  My day to day life is governed by an apple watch, again I love it but it does not cut the mustard when it comes to exercise.

My iphone and apple watch dictated my day and the calendar was full of appointments and reminders but I realised something recently that I was actually becoming blind to these reminders and deaf to the little bleep plus I found they at times interfered with my training.  I turned notifications off on my Fenix as I found that to be a huge distraction but I needed to change up my organisation.  As much as I like the electronics I just needed to take it back to old school, use something that I could note my training plans in, appointments, tasks but not interfere with me actually doing things.

I have always been a huge fan of the filofax but, I fell out of love with it a while back as I felt at the time it did not suit my lifestyle, having the ipad iphone and watch met the needs.  But since running I found that I needed something that was easy to use, changeable, does not interfere with my training but still portable.  There was only one option, I was back on the filofax, a drug for stationery lovers.

As I had sold all my old filofaxes I had to purchase a new one, I plumped for the pink fluro original personal size and a union flag A5 for the study desk.  Initially I was concerned I may miss a few things but actually it works really well.  I carry the pink one and any appointments I put as I am out and about, I note on the date I am on the days I have added appointments eg if it is the 28th May and I have added appointments for the 5th June and 17th July under 28th May I added 5/6 and 17/7 so I know I have added something to these days I then sync my personal to the A5 and the family icloud calendar when back at the desk.  I have a monthly planner along with a week on 2 days in the personal and it works really well and so far I have not missed an appointment.  I find paper planning much easier than on a screen, I can note my marathon training and swimming plans and switch things around if I need to but see the full picture shoudl I need to.

I would be interested to hear of paper planning works for you or if you prefer gadget organisation.



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