Another 10k and feeling a burn

Bank holiday weekend started with me as run director at the parkrun, this meant that I didn’t get a run in which is always slightly annoying but more so this time as I had a what can only be described as a crappy week that started the weekend before, spilled into work and dragged a heap of baggage right through until Friday.

After parkrun we headed off to get our new trainers ready to break in when my Kayano are ready to head to the shoe heaven in the sky.  I ended up with a fab orange pair, not that I thought that to start with I saw the colour and I felt the colour drain from my face.  But thirty seconds later the colour grew on me.  I can’t wait to wear them.

Sunday loomed and so was the inaugural Burnham on Crouch 10k.  A number of us decided to test it out, I wondered if it would be a good race for the GP next year.  I wasn’t ready for it though and as I lined up I was shaking inside, I knew I had not prepped for it.

IMG_4266As the race started I started to feel odd, a few seconds later I knew I was in the middle of a panic attack, not had one of those whilst actually running before and it threw me totally.  I stopped and gasped a few times, I couldn’t remember my calming mantra to start with but my mate turned back saw that I had dropped back and as she started to come back I knew I had to get my shit together.  By sheer will I pulled myself up and started to slow slow jog.  The feeling stayed with me for the full 6 miles until I got to a top of a hill and could see the finish line at the bottom, I could feel the release as I charged down the slope.  My calves were screaming the whole way round and I knew I had not prepared well for this.

Things that I have learned from this episode?

  • Train correctly and appropriately.
  • Breathe.
  • Its ok if you need to stop and walk.
  • Foam roll.
  • Get balance in life, a busy week?  No excuse still get out even if it is 5 minutes.
  • A finish is still a finish and 10k is the same fast or slow.
  • Burnham is pretty.

I need to look at why my calves are playing up, they did burn from the get go even though I was wearing my trusty Asics Metarun and I have no clue why all of a sudden they are making themselves known.  Anyway now I am back home and had a lovely bath.  I am rethinking my training this week and I hope for better results.


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