Hylands 10k – 2nd Grand prix

The club turned out in force at Chelmsford  this weekend to compete in the latest Grand prix race at Hylands.

We arrived to Hylands on a grey cool morning, a very pleasant climate for running, not so much when standing around waiting to cheer them in.

The race was chip timed and would consist of 2 laps totalling 10k.  The course ran through woodland and fields with some hills thrown in.

The race started on time and we appeared to dominate the crowd in out blue and yellow club tops.  I felt so proud, I was really nervous but felt I was finding my feet with the new club role.

As the race finished we noticed a large number of PBs, this was as a result of the course being a little shy of the 10k but that did not dampen the spirits of the runners as they put on their medals and picked through their goody bag (which appeared to be a hit with most).

There is a rather excellent running shop in Chelmsford and a few of us popped there after the event to stock up on new trainers and other running paraphernalia.  I have earmarked a pair of trainers that I would like to purchase at half term.

Sunday wasn’t an official club run but it might as well have been.  Hubby and his running buddy set of early to get a long marathon training run in.  I messaged another running buddy to see if she fancied a run as she had not gone out the day before, the offer was snapped up.  As we ran through Hornchurch Country Park we bumped into many more from the club exercising their legs in the sunshine.  I had decided to wear my on clouds(cloud flyer), I had purchased them at Brighton but was struggling to get on with them as they killed my calves each time.  I like the idea that they push you into a more fore foot strike hence why they kill the calves but they are taking a huge amount of time to adjust to that style.  I managed to complete a 4 mile run/walk without too much of an issue, there was a moment when the calves started to hurt but a small adjustment to my body alignment really helped.  I now feel more confident in going out with them again on a more frequent basis.  They will never be as good and as comfortable as my Asics but they do come a close second.

My running buddy and I covered part of the spitfire route including the zig zag path up Ingrebourne Hill.  I really enjoy the Country Park even though it is so close to urban Greater London it does sometime feel like you are really out in the sticks.  I just love standing at to the top of the hill looking over into London and the surrounding area.  I am lucky to live where I do, the green spaces are amazing nearby.


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