Grand Prix – Ashdon 10k

So my last post updated you with some of my news.  Now an in depth report on my role as Race Secretary.

I took on the role from a very good friends who wanted to step down and spend more time achieving some marathon goals.  I spent a few months shadowing him and understanding the role before signing away my life on the dotted line of doom!

The Grand Prix was my first priority.  The Grand Prix is a season that runs from about April until November (ish) time and consists of 8 races that club members compete in for the chance of winning a trophy and a covered division winners t shirt.  There are 8 divisions and it is a bit like the football league.  Points are giving to your place in the race and there are chances for everyone to win as you are pitted against similar runners to yourself.

The first race of the season was on bank holiday May Day and held at Ashdon, a small village the other side of Essex about a 50 minute drive up the M11.  I picked this race as funds raised during this event would go back into the school (always an educator at heart).  The club descended on mass to the race, a sea of blue and yellow, we were a dominant force to be reckoned with.  This event was mostly trail and the dry conditions leading up to the day meant the ground was not as soft as it could have been and in some places tractor tracks made any speed difficult as runners picked their way over the tracks left and hardened.

Despite the tough conditions members ran really well and one even got a PB!

I was told it was tough but some people also liked the prettiness of the venue and the atmosphere.  The race was chip timed and the results efficiently communicated.

After the race there were cakes, tea and a BBQ available again all funds were going back to the school.  I think the club runners wiped the cake stall dry and the tea was welcomed with gusto.

One club member said it was a great day out for all the family, he could go and compete whilst his children could take part in the fun run that started shortly after the 10k set off, bounce on the bouncy castle and burn off some bank holiday energy by being out in the fresh air running in the surrounding fields.

Personally I was relieved that the first race was over and all I had to do was collate the results and update the divisions that afternoon whilst club members waited with eager anticipation to see where they were in the league.

The next race is another 10k held at Hylands House, near Chelmsford.  Part trail part path but I have been advised that the hardest race is now out of the way phew!Blue and yellow army


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