Whistle stop tour of Jan-Apr 2016

So I took some time off.  I needed to as I wanted to concentrate on improving my fitness and sitting in from of a PC was not the way to do it. Plus there were a number of things that had happened in quick sucession.

So let’s recap the past few months since I was last on here.

January – I completed the 10k Winter Run through the streets of London.  It was brilliant such a great event. I ran with my running buddy Josy and I got a 10k PB thanks to here and it was a non stop 10k too!  Although in January the weather was not cold at all but the polar bears and fake snow made it look like a winter wonderland.  This is a race that hubby and I will do again.  Just seeing the sights around London was enough to sign up but the atmosphere was great too and the marshals were fantastic.

I have been promoted to Race Secretary at my running club.  What does this mean?  It means I am not in charge of races, the Grand Prix and a few other events.  The first race of the Grand Prix was last weekend and although I wanted to start writing before then I wanted to be really focused on what I needed to do for the first event.  Well it went ok, it was in a lovely part of Essex called Ashdon and I will be completing a review of it and the next race in due course….watch this space.  I will review most of the main stream races that I have included in the Grand Prix, these are open to the public and you may like to complete them yourself next year (or not)!

In February the big news was I changed jobs.  This is the thing that did take a chunk of time initially.  I am so pleased to report I have my work life balance back.   I am able to meet most of the goals I had set out at the start of the year.  I was truly sad to leave some fabulous colleagues and my students.  I dreaded the last day from the moment I handed in my notice.  But, I have not looked back,  I am able to do so much more with my time plus work in a role I truly do enjoy.  I leave at a reasonable time and I can now get in the gym to swim, run and read more and I feel so much more at peace.

During March I became injured during a parkrun.  I didn’t know it at the time but I had sciatica and also had done something to my piriformis.  I have never felt pain like it, I pulled out of the parkrun and cried as I walked back!  As the week went on I was more and more in pain, halfway into the week I couldn’t walk more than a few steps without pain and shuffling.  After some intense massage and rehabilitation I was  able to at least walk and do some small distances, but I soon realised that having that small break in my training had put me back a heck of a lot.  I felt I was back to square one.

Mid April saw hubby and I in Brighton for the marathon weekend.  I completed another 10k event during there.  This was a few weeks after piriformisgate!  I ran that race with pain killers for my piriformis, a toenail that was about to fall off thanks to some dodgy running socks that were a little too thick and a broken tooth that had broken the night before on a cheese sandwich of all things!!  I was just a moment or two away from a PB but I didn’t care, I completed it with all those things wrong.  Hubby completed his first marathon during this weekend at Brighton, what can I say I was so blooming proud of him I was beside myself, he completed the 26.2 miles in 3 hours 45 minutes.  Amazing!  I don’t know why I complain about running sometimes when he makes it look so easy – I guess he has a charmed running life!

Where I am at now:

A half marathon has been booked but I want to keep it low level for the moment, I want to get my fitness back up and get back to how I was at the start of the year. One of my closest friends has bought be a book – Hanson Half Marathon Method and I am reading it with gusto.  It is an excellent book if you are interested.  I need to start making myself

I am also back swimming a few times a week, the work life balance has really helped there.  I normally spend about 30 minutes just going up and down the swimming lane freestyle, overtaking the other swimmers.  I am a confident swimmer, I used to swim for the school and I just love that activity so much.  Swimming also was the only thing I could do when my leg was painful.  I have rejoined the gym as it made sense if I was using it 2-3 times a week and their pool is amazing.  Looking to get into other activities at the gym, they have Watt bikes and an outside running track so I can start interval work.

Looking forward to getting back to recording what is going on and sharing achievements”


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