Running over Christmas

I would have never had thought that I would have ended 2015 loving running, nor would I have expected to run on Christmas day – a day normally set aside for being a vegetable.

But this year the Christmas period did not stop the love of getting out there.

Santa and her helper ready for the charity collection run.

The weekend before Christmas myself and hubby set off with other members of the club and completed a charity run collecting funds for a charity close to our heart First Step.  We were all dressed up in festive gear and ran 5 miles through 2 local shopping areas collecting with buckets.  It was such a laugh and great fun.  A prefect start to the festivities.


The next club run we decided that a tour of the local streets were in order to take in the decorated houses, they were spectacular and one of the best recent club runs.

Christmas Day dawned and myself and hubby were joined by a few others from the club to take part in the special Barking Park Christmas Day parkrun.  I wasn’t looking forward to it as I had spent a few days feeling really under the weather but boy oh boy I was so glad we did it.IMG_3692

Apparently it was one of the biggest parkrun events for Christmas with 155 like minded people coming out to run the 5k and making room for their turkey later.

The weather was damp but as we set off it was nice to be surrounded by people either in Christmas fancy dress or in new running clothes gifted by loved ones.

I was pleased as I completed a parkrun PB, a great christmas gift to myself.

I hope you were able to enjoy some fresh air over the Christmas break.



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