Why keeping a journal is a good idea?

I have always  enjoyed logging events in my life, I used to keep a diary when I was a teenager.  I now use the Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal found here as a fabulous insight into my day to day life and the answers I gave a year ago.  I use this blog to mark out some aspects of my life but I guessed writing about every single one of my runs would be pretty boring to say the least.  I started logging my runs after someone at the club suggested it would be a great idea to track progress, I used a spreadsheet but it looked unfriendly to say the least.

After reading about what other runners (new and old) do I decided to treat myself to a Lauren Fleshman Believe Training Journal here.  What I like about this is that it is a really gorgeous looking book with lots of tips and things to think about.  It is designed so you can log tangible things to do with your runs such as distance, pace etc but also there is a chance to log the less tangible things such as how you felt and inner reflections.  Both very useful if you want to track what you did and how you felt but also if you are training for something in particular it will help iron out those little niggles we may not have been so quick to pick up had they not been logged.  But you must be truthful with what you note!

When I first received it (Amazon delivered very quickly) I was pretty pleased with not only how nice the cover felt but how lovely the pages were for writing on.  I have promised myself to keep it clean until the start of 2016 but that is a tough challenge I am so keen to get my name written in the front page and start it going.

I will still keep my spreadsheet but I will now use this journal alongside side as it will hold other information a spreadsheet just cannot cope with.

I still look at other blogs and websites to see what other people do but I am quite taken with this journal.  I hope to give a full review once I have started it off.






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