When life tries to take over

You can tell it is near the end of term, sickness creeps in and everyone is just a little more tired than normal.

I always get a cold this time of year, it always affects my breathing and sinus and as a result I find exercise difficult.  Teamed with a very busy end of term I found that running took a back seat.

How do I feel about this?  I hate it, I started to feel that I was missing out, I spent some evenings reading running books, quizzing hubby on where he was going to run and who was at club.  When I tried to run I hurt and I was advised to not even try for a few days.

School also featured heavily in my schedule and I found that although I knew it was my job and it was short term I just wanted to have the time to get better and get back out there.

I hope feeling this way means that I am fully involved and committed to my running life and that I need to find the right balance between work, home and health.

I guess I also need to look at advice, is it ok to run or should there be a period of resting?


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