Parkrun Autumn version

My local Parkrun is my nemesis, I love marshalling there but I find the course blooming hard to run.  It is one lap that is park trail part path and has gentle inclines that can be surprisingly hard.

I had promised myself that I would do at least one last Parkrun at my local course before the year was out.  My hand was forced by the club secretary (who is also one of the run directors for Parkrun).  I had explained that hubby wanted to marshal soon and when he does I will run, with that hubby was on the marshal rota and I was on the start line!  The last time I ran there was in the Spring, I had allowed a season to pass.

Some say that it never rains at our Parkrun, I would like to hunt them down, because storm Abigail had appeared above the UK and I was standing in an open park whilst Abigail brought the rain.

We set off at 9am after a very quick briefing and I was determined not to start too quick, thats always been my downfall on that first gentle slope.

The first KM passed in a blur and I felt good.  The second was on the trail part and was really difficult, it was drizzly and the mud sticky and the leaves slippery, this continued for the next 2km.  The final push was just as I left the last 2 marshals (hubby being 1 of them).  I knew I was on the home straight.  My running buddy knew I was flagging but kept talking to me and urging me on.  I sprinted to that finish line as if it was my lifeline.

I felt great, the best ever after doing a Parkrun, it set me up just right for the weekend.  I even got a PB.

Parkrun is a great weekly event, all are welcome, as are all abilities, you don’t have to run it we do see many walk it.  All ages join us and it is a fantastic way to get fit and keep fit.  For more details or to find your local parkrun check out


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