My running relationship

I love running, I thought by now the honeymoon period may be over but 11 months after I made that choice to get off my butt and commit  I am still going out and enjoying the relationship with running.

Its not one way traffic with running though, it has to be a two way relationship.  Running asks for a certain amount of commitment, be it one day a week and a number of times a week.  Running asks you to be honest about how you feel, not only with it but how you feel about yourself.  Running needs to know you are going to be there when you say you will.  Running doesn’t ask for much to be spent on it but does expect decent shoes.  Running asks you to be flexible.

What running then offers back in return is that it will always be there for you, on good and bad days and will try to make the bad days feel better once you have paid a visit to running.  Running helps you relax.  Running helps you talk through the issues of the day and problem solve.  Running helps with anxiety and depression, never judging you or leaving your side it will gentle calm you and allows you to focus on something else.  Running makes you feel good about yourself, it will never talk about you behind your back, it doesn’t care what you look like how big you may be or how slow you may run it is just really pleased to see you.  Running will take you to places you may never have seen before or to places you always go to but view with new eyes.  Running will challenge you but in a positive way knowing that you can achieve what you set out to do. Running will give you a figure you will enjoy and muscles you will want to use.  Running gives you freedom.

So far I have run in the cold frosty weather of winter back in January, the hot humidity of Florida and now the beauty of the English Autumn.  I have enjoyed every season and the moments within.  I know this relationship is a keeper and we are in it for the long term.


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