Ron Hill run every day challenge.

A running buddy of mine told me about the Ron Hill run every day challenge for October.  In a nut shell Ron Hill had not missed a days running since December 1964, completing a Parkrun December 2014 to achieve his goal of running very day for 50 years.

I thought what the heck, lets give it a go!  So on 1 October I set off for my first daily run.  The aim was to run at any pace for at least a mile every day.  Knowing I had my 10k race in a few days I decided to run at the club that night.  I completed 2.32 miles, not a bad start I thought, this will be easy I said to myself.  The next night I did a quick 1.03 mile loop knowing that I had to get up the next day for the 10k, I needed to be cautious.  I found the loop ok, slightly boring but in the back of my mind I wondered if I could keep this going whilst balancing work and home life.

Bournemouth weekend was easy, I used my 10k race as my run of October 3 and I did a mini run along the sea front whilst waiting for hubby to complete his half marathon, a new sunny, beautiful route always helps.

Getting back home I knew I was in for a tricky week at work that week, with a couple of late nights that I needed to work at school.  The Monday night was the 5th day of the process, it was slow going and I kept to the mile loop.  Then Tuesday, it was going to be a late one at work, I was worried that I was unable to do my mile.  I rushed home and despite the darkness and the rain I quickly got changed and rushed out.

Before I knew it I was approaching a half term week off and I knew I would be able to find the time for at least a small run.  I completed a longer run than normal on the last Friday of the month and I decided that for my final run every day run I would want to run out at Halloween in the dark so I could see the trick and treaters on my route.

Positives of running every day:

  • I found that once in a routine this was easy to accomplish.
  • It kept the legs moving the body in the routine of running.
  • It helped with getting to 10,000 steps a day, in fact I often went well over my daily 10,000 target.
  • The fresh air after a day at work really helped.
  • It helped me relax, drawing a line between work and home, I used the run as the cut off point to thinking about work.
  • You can see progress whether that is distance, time or pace.

Negatives of running every day:

  • Some people say you shouldn’t run every single day.
  • Preparation is the key, have clothes and shoes out ready if you knew you will find the excuses not to run.
  • Finding the time.  Some people can complete a mile quickly, others take a bit longer, finding the time really is about depending on your pace.
  • Pace yourself, it is not good pushing your running night after night or aim for a goal that is not achievable (especially like me you are a new runner) if you went at a faster pace the night before go easier on yourself the next day.

I found that by the end of the month I really enjoyed going out and adding some steps to my daily goal.  As the month turned into November I realised that I actually missed my daily jaunt and I wanted to get out there, I actually did the best small run of the whole process.

Going forward I don’t plan to run every day, I want to see how I feel on a day by day basis but if I have the time and want to get out there I will.

I am wondering if you also completed in the run every day challenge or would this be something you may consider in the future?


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