Changes – Essex Girl on the run.

With lots of thought I have decided to keep this blog now about my fitness journey.  I do enjoy books, beauty and other lifestyle issues but I founds that I was wanting to share more about my running.  I may pop other things in from time to time.

I hope that is ok with you and you would like to share the continuing journey with me.

So as we head towards the end of October allow me to share what has happened running wise this month.

Firstly, I signed up to complete the Ron Hill run every day challenge.  This meant that I had to get myself out the door every day and run, be it 1 mile or 5 miles. With a few days left of October I am pleased to say that I have actually gone out every day and run.

But thats not all.

You may recall that I had a 10k race at the beginning of October, my first since starting to run at the beginning of the year.  The race was part of the Bournemouth marathon festival.

The Saturday morning dawned bright and early, after hubby ran the Parkrun we shot down the motorway to the south coast.  After a quick its to eat, I got changed and hubby and I met the other members of the club.IMG_3244IMG_3255

I was so nervous, I could feel my heart beating, almost in my throat.  I was calmed by the great support from my dear friends and then it was time to set to the start.  I was joined by 2 club members on the start line and I was glad they were there as it was so crowded.  The gun went off and there I was in the crowd running my first 10k.  The weather was dry and the sea beautiful and the race so well marshalled I was really enjoying myself but I won’t lie, it was also hard.  My playlist helped me on the dark moments and I was pleased not to have run out of music.


I finished with a sprint and even had time to wave.

As I walked around the back to collect my goody bag I cried, silly looking back but I was so overwhelmed, after the tears I laughed and met up with the rest of the gang I felt great afterwards.  We headed out to a pub, had food and watched the rugby, shame England’s performance wasn’t as good as the race!

The next morning hubby had his half marathon and 2 others had their full marathon.  Hubby looked strong as he finished off in the sunshine and my 2 dear friends completed their marathon in a suitable time with just one sore nipple.

Just when you think that was it with the 10k races for me the following me, the club and us headed to Petts Wood for another 10k race, hosted by the Petts Wood Runners.  This was both road and trail and I started yet again as a bag of nerves.  The hills got me and my finish time was slower than at Bournemouth but I really enjoyed the race and loved running with the club.


Things I have learned this month:

  1. Distance is just a number.
  2. I am stronger than I thought.
  3. Running with others is fun
  4. Running solo is also ok.
  5. I don’t need music to run to.

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