Small victories

The weather in the UK is not always runner friendly either really warm or raining.  One morning I wanted to go out for a longer run, I wanted to crack the 6 mile distance before I went back to work then I would be less worried about the 10k that was looming large on the horizon.

The weather was against me, torrential rain from the moment I woke until lunch, with no sign of stopping anytime soon.  The gardens were flooded and I knew that running outside would probably put me back a bit.

I decided that I would have to get out to the local gym, I prefer to run outside as treadmills can be incredibly boring but the grey dark sky showed me that was the only option available.

I headed to the gym and hooked myself up to some music and started the treadmill.  The treadmill was old and the pacing shown on the screen did not match with my watch and every time I looked at my watch I wobbled and nearly came off.

I was listening to a new playlist I designed and happily plodding along and an undetermined pace but it was so boring.  Twice when I tried to pick the pace up my phone would fall onto the moving belt and spring across the floor.  It must have been the slowest 6 miles ever but I did it!  Had I not been so sweaty, distracted and feeling like a wrung out dishcloth I would have carried on for the .2 miles to round it up to a 10k but alas I did not have the brain power to consider that, next time eh?

Within an hour I was encouraged to sign up for a club 10k race, which I did, brain savvy still alluding me and now I appear to be training for 2 10k races!! How did that happen!!??

Well I guess its progress.  As a wise person said it is mind over matter and the 6 miles no matter how slow was a small victory.

Whatever you put your mind to I hope you achieve the small victories too.


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