Review: Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System. Harry Wallop by Harry Wallop

Consumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System. Harry WallopConsumed: How Shopping Fed the Class System. Harry Wallop by Harry Wallop
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have always enjoyed understanding the spending habits of myself and others. I have found that over the years spending habits have changed dramatically from my Grandparents era to now something that has been well documented. Are we a throwaway society? Are we too busy trying to keep up with the Jones’? Before reading I was not sure what category I would fit into, if any. I like shopping and looking at new gadgets/products but I also know when to reign it in. After reading I felt like I could fit into a number of different categories and to be honest I am content with that, having never been one who felt they were in competition with others with what I own or buy. I found it interesting to see what consumer class my parents would fit into, I thought they should be more frugal than I am. To some respects they are but they also seem to fall into the category that wants to match their peers and neighbours with their style of holiday and purchases. I think these days it is refreshing to see that if we want to shop we have a choice but we also need to be careful that consumerism does not take over, there is only so much land fill available.
The book also discusses what certain brands mean to certain people, remember Burberry being classes as chavvy thanks to football hooligans and small time actresses wearing the check from head to tow. Is that still the case now? If not what did the brand do to change it? What do other brands do to attract our attention and pennies?
If you like to understand society more and the spending habits of those around you then this is a book to read.

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